Ted, You're a Dope

Portland Mercury 6/7 5:40P Anonymous
by Anonymous Fining homeless people $100 for violating the no day time camping rules? Really? These people have nothing and you want to fine them? Seriously, not one person on your staff had the guts to call you an idiot? This is a tough problem...

City Council Approves Daytime Camping Ban; Legal Challenges Could Arise

Portland Mercury 6/7 5:21P Courtney Vaughn
Portland leaders are facing questions about the city's ability to police unsanctioned homeless sites. by Courtney Vaughn An ordinance that heavily restricts where and when unhoused residents can rest in the city was approved by the Portland City...

Hear in Portland: The Prids Shoegaze the Stage at Lollipop Shoppe

Portland Mercury 6/7 10:00A Jenni Moore
Plus, Mississippi Records releases Be Present Art Group's debut EP, and Janelle Monae's Age of Pleasure is upon us! by Jenni Moore We’re almost to summer, music nerds! Whether you’re into rock, jazz, or pop, there’s a little something for...

Reach Out to that Friend Please

Portland Mercury 6/7 7:05A Anonymous
by Anonymous I'm exhausted. I put so much effort into building connections, but it feels like a one-way street. I'm constantly initiating check-ins and conversations, yet rarely do others reach out to me. It's frustrating, but I understand that...

Portland City Employees Form New Workers Union

Portland Mercury 6/6 1:08P Courtney Vaughn
More than 700 professional workers are now eligible to join an independent union for Portland employees. by Courtney Vaughn Employees at the city of Portland just formed Oregon’s second-largest independent labor union in the state.  Professional...

Mercury Writers Take Home a Box Full of Journalism Awards!

Portland Mercury 6/6 9:25A Wm. Steven Humphrey
Check out the stories which won a slew of awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. by Wm. Steven Humphrey Let's pause for a moment to recognize and celebrate the eye-popping talent of our Mercury writers... many of whom snagged awards...

Savage Love: Out With It

Portland Mercury 6/6 7:56A Dan Savage
Happy Pride! Here is the most LGBTQ shit Dan has ever read. by Dan Savage I’m a solo polyamorous hetero-romantic pansexual cisgendered man. My serious romantic relationships have all been with cis women, but most of my sex partners are men. Since...

Junior Parade

Portland Mercury 6/5 1:53P Anonymous
by Anonymous Ahh yes. It’s that time of year where Portlanders set up camp on Sandy Blvd, arguing over who has “dibs” on a sidewalk space. My neighbors and I helping clean up your mess you leave behind after the multiple off key marching bands...

The Mercury’s Cover Artist of the Week: Fazilat Soukhakian

Portland Mercury 6/5 1:01P Corianton Hale
Her photo series "Queer In Utah" highlights the struggle of sexual repression in a religious society. by Corianton Hale Fazilat Soukhakian is an Iranian artist, photographer, scholar, and storyteller...

The Top 30 Events in Portland This Week: June 5–11, 2023

Portland Mercury 6/5 9:00A EverOut Staff
Portland Rose Festival, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and More Top Picks by EverOut Staff The first full week of June is coming in HOT, bringing equally hot events from Portland Rose Festival to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and from Portland Mercury's Sandwich Week to...

The Mercury's SANDWICH WEEK Is Happening! Like, RIGHT NOW! ?? ??

Portland Mercury 6/5 8:00A Mercury Promotions
Creative, one-of-a-kind sandwich creations all week long and they're only $8 each! by Mercury Promotions IT'S A FACT: The pinnacle of human ingenuity is undoubtedly THE SANDWICH. And at long last, it's time to celebrate humankind's greatest feat...
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