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Ask Eater: What Happened to All the Combination Cafe-Bars?

Eater Portland 3/23 11:09A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
Pink chairs at Maeve in Southeast Portland. | Maeve A reader seeks a coffee shop with a cocktail menu, for once the clock strikes 5 p.m. Welcome to Ask Eater , an Eater Portland column where the...

An Eater’s Guide to Halal Dining in Portland, Oregon

Eater Portland 3/23 6:32A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
A variety of dishes at Dar Salam. | Dar Salam Moroccan tagine, lamb shawarma, spicy chicken tenders, and more For Portlanders seeking iftar meals or just some weeknight takeout, finding halal dining...

Where to Get Outstanding Takeout and Delivery in Portland

Eater Portland 3/22 10:56A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
Takeout wings and smothered chicken from Erica’s Soul Food. | Brooke Jackson-Glidden/Eater Portland Where to get big orders of wings or barbecue for parties, or just a delivery salad for yourself...

Where to Find Passover Meals in Portland

Eater Portland 3/21 8:44A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
Gefilte fish from Jacob & Sons. | Jacob & Sons Where to find brisket, matzo ball soup, charoset, and gefilte fish for takeout in 2023 Considering how few Jewish delis and markets exist here, stocking...

Where to Eat and Drink in Portland’s Woodstock Neighborhood

Eater Portland 3/20 9:52A Nathan Williams
Woodstock mural | Nathan Williams Dive into the comfort cuisine of one of Portland’s most undersung neighborhoods Portland’s laid-back Woodstock may be, in fact, named after a now-obscure Walter Scott...

Peek Inside Zula, Portland’s Culinary Love Letter to Tel Aviv

Eater Portland 3/17 6:58A Brooke Jackson-Glidden
The cauliflower salad at Zula. | Dina Avila/Eater Portland The new Northwest Portland restaurant from Tel Aviv expats embraces the city’s multiculturalism, incorporating Moroccan and Greek flavors in...

22 Portland Restaurant Patios for Outstanding Outdoor Dining

Eater Portland 3/16 11:39A Alex Frane
One of the outdoor dining booths at Oma’s Hideaway. Oma’s offers both individual dining pods, blocked off with partitions, and a larger back patio for outdoor seating. | Molly J. Smith / EPDX From...
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